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Las Vegas Nightclubs

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There's something about a good nightclub that can transform your whole night. You could have started the day contemplating going out, dreaded getting ready, but when you walk past those velvet ropes and hear your favorite DJ you're transformed into a party animal taking shots and numbers.

There's no better place to party than Las Vegas, and no better nightclubs in the world. With new nightclub additions like Hakkasan and Omnia, Vegas is bringing it hard. Are you read for it?

Hot Shot Vegas makes the best of Vegas accessible. Whether you're a high roller with VIP wishes and caviar dreams, or a group of bachelors on a budget, Hot Shot Vegas has the right nightclub party package to meet and exceed all your needs.

Las Vegas is all about delivering the best, and Hot Shot Vegas does the same. Get on the guestlist, or enjoy shots at your VIP table with our VIP services.

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