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Zarkana Las Vegas EntertainmentZarkana – Entertaining and Wacky

Las Vegas is many things to many people. To some, a trip to Las Vegas means all night partying, with visits to the hottest nightclubs and pool parties. To others, it's all about testing their luck at the tables and slot machines. For others a trip to Las Vegas isn't complete without a trip to the strip club.

For couples and families, Las Vegas is a great spot for entertainment. Cirque Du Soleil has transformed the strip into a destination for live entertainment. There are many Cirque Du Soleil performances to choose from, with different shows headlining at just about every casino on the strip.

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Zarkana is one of the newer Cirque du Soleil spectaculars. This grand spectacle is visually stunning, but be prepared it also offers up the same quirky uniqueness that's a constant theme of Cirque performances.

Located in at the Aria hotel, Zarkana's road to success was at first a bumpy one. The show has been through three revisions, and is now generating great buzz and reviews from audiences.

Originally the show focused on Zark the magician who needed to revive the ghosts that haunt the theater in order to find his lost love. Audiences were unable to follow the story line, and so directors began work on revisions. With the 3rd edition of this mesmerizing show, Aria has a success.

The story line now features two clowns who summon these ghosts to the stage, and music that is more “pop rock" in nature.

There are plenty of new tricks and acrobatics to enjoy, and Cirque staple choreography as well. The “Wheel of death” is a popular act that has made its way to several other shows. The act features two acrobatics named Carlos Marin and Jayson Dominques who get on an oversized dumb-bell looking machine with two “hamster wheels” on each end. The performance is entertaining, but if you have seen KA at the MGM Hotel or Mystere at Treasure Island, then you’ve seen this act before.

Like many of these Cirques Du Soleil shows, the acrobatics are a sight to behold. We won't give away any spoilers, so you'll have to purchase your tickets to find out what makes this show truly unique.  If you're into spoilers you can see a 80 second preview here.

So if you’re planning a weekend bachelor party or bachelorette party mix up your typical gambling and VIP bottle service routine by going to a show like Zarkana in Las Vegas. If you need to tickets, you can call your Hot Shot Vegas representative or you can go to to find more details.

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