Wet Republic – Pool Party @ the MGM Grand Las Vegas

Wet Republic Review

When searching for pool parties in Las Vegas, you won’t want to miss out on the good times to be had at Wet Republic at MGM Grand. As one of the premier casinos on the strip, the MGM Grand Las Vegas offers one of the hottest party scenes on the strip. When looking for an oasis in the desert, look no further than the pool at Wet Republic. Voted one of the best in the city, Wet Republic offers guests great music, food, views and cocktails.

It Demands Attention and gets it.

Wet Republic offers guests plenty of space to lounge in at 53,000 square feet.  They have one large pool and lots of areas to drink, stand, and dance. For the VIP crowd, there are lots of day beds, cabanas, and more to take advantage of. These all open up to VIP areas and bars that get very crowded, very fast. Wet Republic is one of the most talked about pools for a reason.

For The VIP

Start saving up that loose change, and budgeting for a trip worth saving for. For the best experience at Wet Republic go big and go VIP. If you’re flying solo and want to have your own space, look at spending upwards of $750. But for larger groups and bungalows that can easily fit 20 or more, look at spending $4500. Prices fluctuate a bit based on weekends and holidays. Look into VIP bottle service to avoid potentially crowded pool areas.

The Ambiance

As far as Las Vegas pool parties are concerned, you’ll find that Wet Republic is modern and sleek. The MGM Grand books celebrities, and much more to create a high profile party. Sex appeal is high at this pool. To minimize wait time, you’ll want to book your cabana or pool chair early, especially if you are planning on going on a Saturday or holiday. This pool offers up great eye candy, so bring those shades and enjoy.

The Music

Wet Republic has some great music. Wet Republic always books the hottest DJs. Check our site or the Wet Repulic venue page for the most recent list of events and DJs. Recently Calvin Harris booked a residency at the MGM, so you'll be able to catch him DJing this summer. While Wet Republic most often features EDM and house DJs, playlists are all encompassing featuring your favorite hip hop and pop tracks as well.


The cost of entry isn’t that bad. Men and women can expect to pay $20 for entrance, except for holidays and weekends where the fee can increase to $50. There are plenty of drink and food specials to enjoy. MGM Grand does well in providing a good ambiance, large space, with good music to cool down from the summer heat. Book your cabana or chair today with Hot Shot Vegas.

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