Top 10 Reasons to Rent a Party Bus in Las Vegas

Las Vegas party bus rentalBenefits of renting a party bus in Las Vegas

When you come to Las Vegas you come to party. Whether you’re visiting for a bachelor party or bachelorette party, or just in town with friends, a party bus is a great way to pre-party.

There are many great benefits to booking a party bus with Hot Shot Vegas including:

1. Making a statement: Whether you’re looking to flash your success or show your friends a great time, booking a Las Vegas party bus is the way to go. Hot Shot Vegas can set you up with a luxury party bus experience. Don’t worry about finding a designated driver, we’ve found one for you. Cruise the strip while pre-partying with your favorite alcohol, music and friends. You’ll be the envy of everyone stuck in a cab or worse, walking.

2. Everyone’s Invited: Unlike riding in your car or taking a taxi, with a party bus you can all ride together to the nightclub or dayclub in comfort and luxury.

3. No DUIs: We take drunk driving seriously in Las Vegas, which check points happening all over Vegas any day of the week. Don’t risk your life or the lives of others, get a party bus and don’t worry about it.

4. Sight-see in luxury: See all the casinos and people watch from the lap of luxury inside your modern party bus.

5. Value: Customers get a lot for their money when they book luxury transportation through Hot Shot Vegas. Benefit from insider rates, and pay less to party more. Party buses are much more affordable than you think, especially since you can split the cost between more people.

6. Casino-to-Casino Service: Don’t worry about having to walk up and down and across bridges, with our party bus service you’ll get picked up from the front of your casino and dropped off directly in front of your destination.

7. Skip the long taxi lines: The hotel taxi lines can get outrageous in Las Vegas, especially at the peak party times. Skip the lines and walk directly up and into your luxury party bus.

8. Onboard amenities: Las Vegas party buses can come equipped with everything from TVs to stripper poles. Ask us about amenities when you make your party bus reservation.

9. Pre-party: Drinks at nightclubs can get expensive, but you can save by pre-partying on your way to the nightclub. With Hot Shot Vegas VIP services you can book luxury transportation and bottle service online.

10. No maps: Navigating in Las Vegas can be stressful, especially when you’re visiting for the first time. Skip Google maps, and leave the navigating up to your personal party bus driver.

Once you’ve ridden in a party bus it’s hard to do Las Vegas any other way. Let Hot Shot Vegas book your luxury party bus today and experience Las Vegas luxury.



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