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The clock is ticking and your best buddy is about to married. You and your friends are embarking on an epic journey to Sin City—Las Vegas, NV. It’s his last few days of freedom and you guys think that this is his last opportunity to cut lose and party like the madman that he is. You know Las Vegas is fun, and you know it is wild, but beyond that, you don’t really have a clue where to go and what to do. Don’t worry, this is where Hot Shot Vegas comes into play. We can help you throw the biggest blowout bachelor party ever, and all you have to do is sit back, soak up the drinks, party until sunrise, and show your soon to be married buddy the time of his life.

Depending on how much of a madman you and your buds want to be, we offer VIP Bachelor Party Packages starting at an Average of a $100 per person. With this, you will not have to worry about going into the most happening nightclubs and pool parties in the city and get stuck in line waiting and far-removed from all of the action. Come on…this is your best buddy’s last moments and rights of a single man, and if you think he deserves to stand in the corner by the restrooms once inside, then you’re sorely mistaken. We’re sure the last thing you want is to wait in line to get in, then wait in line to get drinks. You want to party! Let us help you. With our packages, we provide VIP access into a nightclub, dayclub, or pool party, which includes cover and drinks. On top of that, you will receive VIP bottle service, a cocktail waitress, unlimited mixers, and all of the tips and gratuities will be included in all of our bachelor packages.

You plan to come to Vegas to let loose and have the time of your life with your group of friends. If there was ever a time to live large, and live like a high-roller for a weekend or even one night of that weekend, it’s during a bachelor party. Skimping is not an option at this time. Save that for your family vacation where you can go check out family-friendly events. This is the time to go big. With our packages, you will feel what it’s like to be a real VIP in Vegas. You will take you and your friends and march straight in, straight to your own personal table, and live like a celebrity for the moment and have a tale to tell, for life! If you want to show the man of the hour the time of his life, and a weekend that he will never forget, be sure to book your Bachelor party package today. Get a free quote, price it out and scheck out the endless options. Once you book your package, leave the rest to us for a seamless night!

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