The Bachelorette VIP Package

One Amazing Bachelorette party in VegasWe all know and understand that weddings and all of the planning that can go into them can be a stressful time for all parties involved. Most especially, the bride experiences some stress with the huge responsibilities that go into pulling off the perfect party, the perfect wedding, and everything leading up to the big event. However, the bachelorette party is a time when she should be able to go along for the ride with her wedding party, and hit up Las Vegas in style and without the hassles of planning. That means, the real planning falls on the wedding party and her close group of friends to make this a memorable experience.

Now, we don’t know about you but going to a club and having to stand in line for hours is not exactly our idea of fun. Then, getting into the club and having to wait yet again to get a drink, and wait, wait, wait. Before you know it, the entire party turns into nothing but waiting. This is why it’s important to book a VIP custom bachelorette party with Hot Shot Vegas. Packages will include VIP entry into a nightclub, dayclub, nightclub or pool party. Additionally, it will also include the cover, VIP bottle service with liquor, a cocktail waitress, unlimited mixers, and all tax and gratuities included. This is the way Vegas is meant to be experienced. This is a city of glitz and glamour, and parties, parties, parties. Don’t spend the precious time that you have by standing around, trying to figure out where to go, and then spending hours in a line with hundreds of other people.

To make this a magical experience for the bride, and make her forget all about the stresses associated with the wedding, let us handle all of the planning and work. We want you to kick back at a pool with a drink in hand, soaking up the warm sunshine of this oasis out in the middle of the desert. Or, we want you to party like a rock star until the wee hours of the morning and enjoy the VIP bottle service. Everything that you have dreamed about can be accomplished with one of our packages. Now is not the time to visit Las Vegas without a plan, and in this case, the only plans you have to make is to contact us, and then plan on letting your hair down and having the most incredible weekend of your lives. Book with us, and you wont have any regrets!

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