Tao Beach, Las Vegas – Big Things Come in Small Packages

Tao Beach Club Las VegasTao Beach Club, Las Vegas

Tucked in the middle of the Las Vegas strip, is a small beach club known for it’s energy and amazing service. Tao Beach, located at the Venetian, is neatly centered on top of its nightclub, Tao Night Club and they never disappoint. With famous celebrities hosting parties, such as Lebron James, and weekly gatherings of Maxim Magazine sponsored events, you’ll understand why everyone talks about this small, but electrifying Las Vegas beach club.

Getting into Tao Beach isn’t as difficult and the ticket prices range between $20-$50 dollars, depending on the day and who is hosting. Weekends are obviously more expensive but you wont be disappointed with the eye-candy that comes with it.

When entering Tao Beach Club, you’ll discover that the best pool party in Las Vegas, is here. We advise to get there early to either snatch up a cabana. Tao Beach Club cabanas can range between $1000 - $3000 but with that includes:

  • Secure locker for your valuables
  • A flat screen TV
  • Internet wifi
  • and live it up with a masseuse provided upon request

This price includes your alcohol AND food that is extremely delicious…so if you go with a group of friends, it’s well worth the investment to create everlasting memories. If you have any questions, contact one of our Hot Shot Vegas representatives and they can give you the tips and tricks to make your time at Tao more enjoyable. One rule of thumb, be sure to book the cabana a day or two before you go because in most cases, cabana’s are sold out the day of and prices might increase for last second bookings.

Now that you booked your cabana and living the life with VIP Bottle Service, now it’s time to explore this wonderful Las Vegas day club. You’ll notice the music is always keeping the energy high with grammy award winning DJ’s and recording producers. If you’re very particular about your tunes, Sundays they play primarily House and sounds from the electric daisy music festival.

Walking around, you’ll notice the scenery provides a cozy feel and the opportunity to meet people. Since Saturday’s are the most crowded days, we suggest going on a Friday. That is unless crowded is what you’re looking for! You’ll notice the pool is small for a club, but people take advantage and mingle. Don't be surprised if you find yourself rubbing shoulders with a celebrity since Tao Beach is a popular destination for the famous crowds. Let your inner paparazzi loose, and snap some photos for your Instagram account.

When all said and done, be sure you play your day at Tao Beach in Las Vegas, smart. Book a few days before to guarantee spot and you be happy that you did. Contact Jason@hotshotvegas.com for your Tao Beach entry tickets or cabana bookings or any other questions you might have to make your trip to Las Vegas a pleasant one.

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