Roberto’s – The Most Amazing Anti-Hangover Carne Asada Burrito

Roberto's Burritos Las VegasWhen you've got a hangover seek out Roberto's

You know what we are talking about, hangover cures rock. There's something about certain foods and liquids that when combined guarantee that dreaded hangover will stay at bay.

Some drinking pros suggest eating two slices of bread and drinking electrolytes before drowning your liver with alcoholic beverages. Others swear by cheeseburgers, believing in the power of a double double and fries after a night of hard drinking. These methods may work for you, but over the years we've discovered that after a wild night of VIP table service, nothing beats Roberto’s Taco Shop Las Vegas when it comes to anti-hangover cures.

Roberto's is a hidden gem frequented by many Las Vegas locals. It's been a secret hangover destination for years, but now we're bringing it to you.

Roberto's offers up all your favorite Mexican dishes, but nothing beats the carne asada burrito at soaking up all that Grey Goose. Roberto's Carne Asada Burrito, is stuffed with loads of meat, onions, and guacamole, and wrapped in a warm tortilla. It's just what you need to avoid a disastrous morning hangover. Take advantage of the condiment bar which offers up radishes, hot sauce, peppers and everything you need to make the ultimate burrito.

If you're adventurous, ask for it “wet” and enjoy Roberto's homemade enchilada sauce. Be warned these burritos are BIG. If you're watching your figure or looking to eat light, order up the carne asada tacos instead.

Whether you are visiting from out of town for a bachelor party or coming from a VIP table service from Tryst night club, ask the limo or taxi driver to head to Roberto’s, open 24 hours. You’ll thank us for the recommendation.

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