Las Vegas Restaurant Review – Gordon Ramsey Steak

Las Vegas Retaurant Gordon Ramsey SteakGordon Ramsey Steak in Las Vegas – Simply Delicious

Many foodies flock to Las Vegas for the wide variety of excellent restaurants.

Gordon Ramsey's Steak is modern and unique. The atmosphere and entrees are as premier as you would expect from this talented chef. If you have a room reservation at the Paris Hotel or have a VIP bottle service at Chateau Nightclub, this is an excellent place to start your evening.

The architecture and vibe are hip and modern. Enjoy shades of red lighting and an obvious salute to Great Britain, a giant flag painted on the ceiling. Expect loud music and louder personalities. The crowd is sexy, very similar to the vibe of other trendy Las Vegas restaurants.

Waste no time ordering your wine. At Gordon Ramsey's Steak you can order your wine via iPad. You won't be able to order by glass, bottle only, so let go and party like you're supposed to in Vegas. Sparkling or bottled water costs about $7 dollars. Drinks are competitively priced, and similar to  what you would pay at most Las Vegas establishments.

Like most steak houses, servers bring out bread for everyone to enjoy. Enjoy a variety of fresh breads, including the pancetta roll. What's unique about Gordon Ramsey's Steak is the table service. When you're ready to order your steak, your water will bring out a display of steaks for you to order from. Choose between everything from NY strip steak to a delicious ribeye. The fat is not removed from the steak when served to preserve flavor.

You wont be disappointed with your experience at Paris Hotel's Gordan Ramsey Steakhouse. There are many steakhouses in Las Vegas, but this one is a cut above the rest.

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