Living Large Like a VIP in Vegas with Custom Bachelor VIP Package

Tryst DanceFloor VIP Bachelor Party Package

Tryst DanceFloor VIP Bachelor Party Package

Las Vegas is the land of entertainment that delivers lifetime memories, whether clear as a bell, or hazy in a hangover. Whether you’re going to Vegas to party like a rockstar, or want to make it a golf weekend with your buddies, it’s important to book a VIP Party package ahead of time. Let’s face it—when you’re going to the ‘City of Sin,’ you’re looking to experience a first class weekend, and not some crammed into coach class type of visit. You’ve got it all planned out that you can get in a round of golf in the morning, hit up the pool in the afternoon, and then hit up the clubs at night. Sounds like a great plan, but how much of a plan have you really made?

You and a handful of your buddies are ready to hit the links, and show off the short game, but calling up a cheap car service, and being shuttled over to the golf course isn’t exactly your idea of ‘living large’ like you and your friends have talked about for the last three months. This is Vegas, and this is how you need to live in luxury. First, book a Las Vegas Golf Package that includes a limo to the course, a pre-scheduled tee-time, a caddie upon request, and a limo back to the hotel, where you have also booked the Custom Pool Party VIP package. You will exit the limo, much to the envy of everyone else that is piling out of taxi cabs, and you will make your way over to your private cabana, daybed, or couch, order a stiff cocktail from your personal waitress, and start your afternoon of basking in the perfect combination of sun, shade, and cocktails. After spending a few hours of practicing your somewhat awkward breast stroke and obtaining an even more awkward tank top sunburn, you can go get ready for the nightclub.

Again, this is Las Vegas and you’re ready to live large so your best man decided to book one of the VIP Packages, such as the Custom Bachelor Party VIP Packages to make the night something truly special. With this, you will immediately cut past all of the suckers who decide to wait in line for hours, and walk directly into one of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas. Once seated at your reserved table, you will receive your VIP bottle service, a cocktail waitress, and all of the attention in the world. Staff members will cater to you as if you were a king, and you will proceed with your drinking activities, and your one-of-a-kind dance moves. You will set the night on fire without any of the hassles of waiting in line, battling the crowds, or the worrying about what your next move is. Soon, it will be time to return home with a head full of memories, and an experience that you only could have imagined.

If you’re ready to book your bachelor party, birthday, or special event, and want to party big time in Las Vegas, check out our different VIP Vegas Party Packages.

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