3 reasons for Vegas Bottle Service

Bottle Service Las vegas Style

Bottle Service Las  Vegas Style

A trip to Las Vegas can end up being the best trip of your life because you never know what sort of adventures a trip to Sin City will bring. It’s the city that never sleeps and is like an adult playground in the desert, which translates to one things – FUN! But there’s a right and wrong way to do Vegas and it all starts with the right way to party. The best and only way to do Las Vegas is with bottle service and here are a few reasons why:

  1. No Long Line waits

Going to a club in Las Vegas is a highlight of any trip, where you can dance your ass off and mingle with new people, while getting your drink on. But if you’re not on the guest list or signed up for bottle service with a table, you can end up spending hours upon hours waiting in line. There goes half your night! When you get bottle service, you’re placed in a separate line with a minimal wait time and will be escorted into the club to your table within a few minutes of arrival.

  1. VIP Treatment

When you get bottle service, you end up getting treated like a VIP at the club. You get your own table and even your own section where you can drink and dance without anyone bumping into you or spilling your drink as you would on the dance floor. You get your own server, who will whip up your drinks and answer any questions you may have. You’re basically taken care of for the rest of the night!

  1. It Can Be Cheaper Than Buying Each Drink Separately

Drinks are anything but cheap in Vegas and your bar bill can really rack up. Sometimes pitching in for bottle service with your friends comes out cheaper than when you buy each drink individually. Plus, you get extra perks that you wouldn’t get if you went in as a normal club goer, so bottle service is cheaper in the end!

If you want to do Vegas right, then book your Bottle Service in Las Vegas by giving Hot Shot Vegas a call or requesting a quote with our easy setup service. It’s easy to set up and any of the city’s popular nightclubs! The site also offers a variety of other Las Vegas party packages so that you can make your next trip to Vegas memorable and fun!

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