10 Things You Learn When You Frequent Las Vegas

wynn buffetAs Las Vegas locals nothing surprises us anymore, but for those visiting for the first time there’s a lot to learn and not a lot of time to learn it. We took hard look back, and thought about how it was to be new to the city, and how we navigated our way to becoming Vegas pros.

Here are 10 things we learned from our time on the strip, and how it can help you achieve a winning trip:

1. Don't hit the buffet before the nightclub, but do eat - Vegas is known for amazing buffets. For a great buffet you can't go wrong with the buffets at the Wynn and the Bellagio. But clubbing after a heavy meal can be difficult to digest. Save the buffet for the day/night before or after, but don't forget to eat. One of the biggest mistakes Vegas visitors make is hitting the club and the bottle without having a meal. With all the partying it's easy to forget to eat, so make it a priority.

2. Do not go to a major nightclub without being on the guestlist or getting a table – Just don’t do it. You and your friends will wait hours to get in, which is a definite buzzkill. Getting on a guest list is easy and takes little effort, so do it. Use our simple guestlist form to get on the list at your club of choice.

3. Get to the club before midnight - Even guestlist lines get long. Show up to the club before 11:30 to beat the crowds. You’ll also be able to take advantage of promotions like free drinks or open bars if you show up early.

4. Get event tickets in advance – Events are big in Vegas, with today’s hottest DJs making appearances. Club goers will wait around for hours just to see them perform a 30 to 60 min set. You’ll need a ticket to get in and most events sell out quickly. You can buy your event tickets at HotShotVegas.com.

5. Don’t walk the strip in heels – You may leave your hotel room looking cute, but you won’t be feeling cute when you’re walking barefoot down the dirty street when you can’t take it anymore. Trust us when we say that while that other casino might look close, it’s not.

6. Stay at a casino with a cool day & nightclub – if your budget is flexible I highly recommend staying at a hotel/casino that has a hot dayclub and nightclub. If they don’t, you’ll shell out a decent amount of money for taxi rides around the crowded strip.

7. Visit in February – Many visitors don’t know that it actually gets cold in Las Vegas, really cold. It actually snows sometimes. In February it gets pretty cold, which scares some tourists away. This means discounted hotel rates, and tons of promotions to get you into the club.

8. Don’t ride the High Roller – Unless you're looking for a family-friendly attraction, then it's great. The Las Vegas strip is a beautiful sight from high up, but while that’s true it’s also visible from just about every hotel on the strip. Chances are you could save that $35 per person cost and use it to upgrade your hotel room to a strip view. If you’re looking for a great view of the strip you can also visit nightclubs like Chateau & Omnia. Plus you’ll avoid being stuck in a pod with a group of rowdy drunk guys or worse, a family of tourists.

9. Save the cab fare and take the monorail - It's surprising, but many visitors don't know about or use the monorail. The monorail is affordable, and easy to use. The monorail runs the length of the strip from the MGM Grand to the SLS hotel, with stops at MGM, Bally's/Paris, Flamingo, Harrah's, the Las Vegas Convention Center, Westage and SLS. It's fast, easy and cheaper than taking a taxi.

10. Let them know you’re celebrating – When booking your hotel room make sure to include that you’re celebrating, no matter what the occasion. Don’t forget to remind them when checking in. If a free upgrade isn’t offer, ask for one! There’s no shame in that game.

The best tip of all? Use HotShotVegas to book your bottle service, get on the guestlist, and for all your VIP Las Vegas services for the best rates in town.

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