Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to Your Las Vegas VIP Bottle Service Questions

Why should we get a Las Vegas VIP package with bottle service instead of just going in on a guestlist?

At an average of $18 per drink, Vegas club goers spend an average of $108 a night on drinks. Add a cover charge and you're looking at $50 a night! Wow! That pretty expensive, with no place to sit, and waiting in line at the bar all night for drinks. Remember that if you pre-plan your trip and get a Las Vegas VIP package with bottle service, your average per person cost is $125-$200 with a place to sit and a lot more too drink! Not too mention, no waiting in lines to get in or your for your drink!

Why use HotShotVegas.com versus other competitors?

We pride ourselves on our quality of service. Our staff’s experience and knowledge in the Las Vegas Nightclub Industry provides our clients with a stress free experience. We are at your service 24/7 to ensure that all goes smooth. Whether you purchase a Las Vegas VIP Package or use our Free Guest list services, our goal is customer satisfaction!

Are there any hidden fees in VIP Packages?

There are no hidden fees. All our Las Vegas Party Packages are priced at the full cost. Taxes, service fees, and gratuities are provided up front in the total. We guarantee it, or we pay the difference!

What’s the difference between a HotShot host and a nightclub host?

They both are absolutely great,  Las Vegas nightclubs make it a priority to hire the best hosts; as do we. A host that works directly for the nightclub is dedicated to numerous reservations  throughout the night. A Hot Shot host is dedicated to just your party and every aspect of it. From hotels, to dinner reservations, to show tickets, to nightclubs and dayclubs, we have you covered!

How far in advance should I make a reservation or be put on the guest list?

Definitely, the sooner the better. We can book Las Vegas Party packages and reservations as late as the day of service, but you’re risking your chances of availability and better prices. The same with guest list, cut off times can come at anytime.

You can add your name to the Las Vegas guest list for all the clubs we offer no matter how far in advance you’re looking to attend. It’s really simple; once submitted, your spot is reserved!In the event that the club changes their policy for that day, we'd let you know immediately.

We will automatically send you a confirmation email with any special instructions on the day you’re guest listed for, prior to the nightclub opening.

Why do I need a VIP Host or a party planning service?

Basically, hosts and party planning service simplify the Las Vegas lifestyle for those visiting. Instead of spending your trip fighting the crowds to get through the velvet ropes, get the A-list treatment and get full enjoyment out of your experience. Your paying to be here, don't waste your time trying to figure out what to do or how to do it Let a one of our  knowledgeable staff help guide you!

Can you set up pool parties?

Yes, of course! We set up more Las Vegas pool parties than anything! The dayclub scene is just as hot as the nightclub scene. Arm floaties are highly recommended.

What kind of deals can you get me on Las Vegas hotels?

We can offer clients  a 10-30% discount on over 30 Las Vegas hotels. Use the hotel search to find the best Las Vegas hotel rates!

How do I get on a Las Vegas Nightclub guest list?

You will simply visit our Las Vegas Guest list page, fill out the information required from your group, and submit! We will automatically send you the confirmation and any special instructions via email before the nightclub opens.

What does Las Vegas bottle service consist of?

Las Vegas Bottle Service enables you to have better nightclub experience. You get your own private area and table that has your choice of chilled liquor and mixers to be poured by your own personal cocktail waitress. This is one of the many luxuries Las Vegas nightclubs have to offer.

What Las Vegas strip clubs are good?

This one is hard, because they all have soe of the best entertainment!  Our most requested Las Vegas strip clubs are; Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, Larry Flynts Hustler Club, Hustler OG (Olympic Garden) Gentlemen’s Club, Treasures Gentlemen’s Club, Crazy Horse 3 (CH3) Gentlemen’s Club. Where you should decide to go depends on the occasion.

What services does HotShotVegas.com offer?

We focus on nightlife and daylife entertainment and all surrounding aspects. This includes, Las Vegas  guest lists, bottle service, bachelor and bachelorette party packages, pool parties, hotel discounts, luxury transportation (limos and party busses), and strip clubs.

Who do I tip?

All of our Las Vegas Party Packages  pricing includes all costs and gratuity. If you feel our service was above and beyond, feel free to tip at your discretion; but it is never required or expected.

What’s the best nightclub and pool?

With over 40 different nightclubs and pools, each open several days a week, providing a different atmosphere and music genre each day, it really depends on your personal preference. Tell us what it is you’re looking for, and we’ll make sure to guide you in the right direction.

Is it true guys can’t get into nightclubs for free?

Hate to tell you fellas, but this is one area that the myth is true. Most times, guys will have to pay a cover fee to get into the club. Certain venues will offer discounted Las Vegas guest list or sometimes even free with a high or even ratio of girls to guys.

What time do we have to be at the nightclub?

If you’re using our Las Vegas guest list services, usually before midnight. In any case, we will send a confirmation email explaining all the details and any special instructions for your group.

If you set up a Las Vegas Party Package, you somewhat get to pick the time. We suggest getting there early in any case to get the best tables!

What is the dress code for nightclubs?

Guys: You should go above and beyond your normal hometown attire… DRESS TO IMPRESS!

What NOT to Wear What to wear
Baseball caps
Tank tops
Baggy/Ripped jeans
Sweat pants
Tennis shoes
High fashion attire
Button down collared shirt
Sport coat and T-shirt
Nice jeans
Dress Pants
Dress shoes

Girls: This is easy

What NOT to Wear What to wear
Cut off jeans/shorts
Dress Pants
Dress Shorts
Nice Jeans

When is the best time to reach you?

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Feel free to contact us anytime!